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when u put on a song u like at a party that no one knows


Does anyone else have a love/hate relationship with math?

I can’t do math in my head. At all. And for that, I hate it. But with a calculator, I am like a math god. I understand what to do in math, and why we do it. And for that, I love it. Math can be so mundain. And for that, I hate it. But math is also like a puzzle, and puzzles can be fun. And for that. I love it.

I’m stuck in this circle of loving and hating math.




i just emailed my ict teacher with what i thought was my homework but instead i sent

ok i cant stop laughing omfg


Reblog if you love to write.

Whether it be fanfiction, original stories, drabbles, songs, poems, books, or anything that has to do with creative words, then reblog. Let’s gather all the writers of Tumblr together.

Shameless Self Promotion

A mostly fictional story about my life, therapy, drugs, and depression. Amoung other things.


Please, Extrapolate.

So I finally looked up extrapolate. (I always thought it was a made up word) turns out its real. And that I’ve kinda sotra been using it correctly. Who knew?

My life is too amazing to answer your texts.

So ya, I’m like totally in NY and its like, totally amazing, so I’m too busy to text you back. Unless you ask me what I’m doing, then I’ll reply telling you what awesome things I’m doing to rub it in your face. But if you try to continue the convo? Yeah too busy for that. But I’m not to busy to post on facebook and everywhere that I’m talking to all of my OTHER friends.

Yeah. In short I’m just busy doing awesome things in NY to talk to you, particularly. Hope you don’t mind!

Love, Your asshole friend.

I miss everything

I fucking miss everything about not being pregnant.

You know, before I got knocked up I knew I had a pretty good body, but now that I’m 8 months pregnant, I realize I had a fucking ROCKIN’ body. It sucks to know I’ll never have that again. What with stretchmarks and mommy muffin tops and all. I really wish I appreciated what I had. If I could go back in time I wouldn’t be self consious at all, even with small boobies, and Id wear bikinis and short shorts and tank tops and flip flops and all that pretty girl shit.

I miss my body.

And everything else.

I miss cigarettes (even after 9 months :o)

And alcohol (even tho I never liked it to begin with)

And sushi (that I never ate)

And being able to bend over and tie my shoes

And balance. God I miss having balance.

And wearing swimsuits

And doing things based on whimsy

And spending money recklessly

And road trips

And going out with friends

And not noticing every pregnant lady and/or mother and her child (its like a 6th sense now. If there’s a baby near by, I know.)

And I miss not knowing what heartburn feels like.

and wearing cute clothes

And wearing skinny jeans

And roller coasters

And not having a fucking beachball stomach attached to me. (I really am too tiny of a girl to be this pregnant)

Goddamnit I miss everything.

I love my baby, and I love my (future) hubby.

But I never knew how much I loved being a kid .

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